Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamah-------We HELP THE BLIND HELP THEMSELVES------from darkness lead unto light
Project for empowerment of blind women

                                  Innovative Project for the Empowerment of Blind Women


National Association for the Blind in association with Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi is running an innovative project for Empowerment of Blind Women and children.

The Concept

Most of the Blind women were living in abject poverty and virtually living the life of solitude. They can neither do house hold chores nor they can commute independently. They need help from their relatives in every aspect of life thus turning them into a big liability. Security being the main concern, even the literate Blind Women cannot come to attend the Computer Education & other courses for want of an escort. With these constraints, they are confined to the four walls of their house with no interaction with the out side world and thus made to lead a life of absolute mortification. These women are not only underprivileged but are disabled as well, hence it is imperative need of the hour to help them become independent and thus lead a life of dignity.


Following programs are initiated under this project:


1.   Training in Housekeeping Activities.

2.    Rehabilitation.

3.    Learning through Talking Book Library.

4.    Computer Education for the literate.

5.     Braille Learning.

6.     Orientation & Mobility.